Eric Aldrich is a writer from Massachusetts resettled in southern Arizona. He teaches literature and writing at Pima Community College in Tucson.

Eric’s writing has appeared in Euphony, Terrain.org, HAD, Deep Wild, Manifest West, Weber: The Contemporary West, and more.

His novella, “Please Listen Carefully as Our Options Have Changed” is available from Running Wild Press.

Eric reviews books for Full Stop, Rain Taxi, and others.

In addition to writing, Eric maintains a YouTube channel – Lo-fi Outdoors

Instagram: @ericjamesaldrich
Twitter: @ericjaldrich


August From July, Prick of the Spindle, 2009
Phantom Limbs, Emerson Review, 2010
Easter Vigil, Feathertale Review, 2011
Chips, The Broome Review, 2011
Ponderosa, Manifest West, 2018
Swamp Yankee, The Worcester Review, 2018
Hari Kari, Hobart, 2019 (Now moved to HAD)
Everyday Augury, Little Rose Magazine, 2019
Please Listen Carefully as Our Options Have Change (Novella) – Running Wild Novella Anthology Volume IV, Fall 2020
Don’t Fear the Reaper, The Arcanist, May 2020
Inherit My Life – ExPat Press, October 2020
A Heliograph to Kin Kletso, Weber: The Contemporary West, Fall 2020
If the Odds Don’t Change – Euphony, Winter 2021
Misoprostol – Fugitives and Futurists, June 2021
“Brass Knuckles” and “Firecrackers” – Nauseated Drive, July 2021

Space Mountain, Terrain.org, June 2021
The Brain of Ozzy, Essay Daily, December 2021
What’s the Bear’s Name, Deep Wild Journal, July 2022


Survival House – Wendell Mayo – Heavy Feather Review – April 2019
Coldwater Canyon – Anne-Marie Kinney – Rain Taxi  – June 2019
Operating Systems – Joe Pan – Heavy Feather Review – July 2019
Bloomland – John Englehardt – Heavy Feather Review – September 2019
Losing Miami – Gabriel Ojeda-Sague – Terrain.org – January 2020
Kansastan – Farooq Ahmed – Full Stop – January 2020
Future Tense Fiction – Multiple Authors – Full Stop – February 2020
Artificial Gut Feeling – Anna Zett – Full Stop – May 2020
The People’s Porn – Lisa Z. Sigel – Full Stop – October 2020
Friend: A Novel from North Korea – Paek Nam-Nyong, Translated by Immanuel Kim – Full Stop – January 2021
Ctasy -of shapes off shore by John Paetsch – Full Stop
Heck,Texas by Tex Gresham – Heavy Feather Review – March 2021
As You Were by David Tromblay – Full Stop – June 2021
Alien Stories by E.C. Osondu – Full Stop – August 2021
Gag Reflex by Elle Nash, Full Stop, August 2022
Madness by Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Rain Taxi, Fall 2022


Interviewed by Sandra Shattuck, Pima Community College Community of Writers, Tucson Public Access, July 16, 2020.
Interview with Frankie Rollins, Superstition Review, September 15, 2020.
Interview with Bojan Louis, Full Stop, September 20, 2022
Interview with Ander Monson, Full Stop, November 22, 2022

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